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2111-3 Matsubara-dori Takahashi-city Okayama Japan 716-0036
TEL.0866-22-5601 FAX.0866-22-5604

Okayama Office

702 Senchuri-tondacho 2-12-16 Tonda-cho Kita-ku Okayama-city Okayama Japan 700-0816
TEL.086-238-7525 FAX.086-238-7526

Osaka Office

805 Fleuret No.2 Shin-Osaka,2-7-45 Nishimiyahara Yodogawa-ku Osaka Japan 532-0004
TEL.06-4807-7850/06-4807-7851 FAX.06-4807-7860

Kanahira Works

513-9 Arugi Zinsekikogen-cho Zinseki-Gun Hiroshima Japan 720-1701
TEL.08478-4-2311 FAX.08478-4-2318

Our products utilized for various purposes

[Heavy calcium carbonate]
papers/paint/rubber/synthetic resin/adhesive/road white line/foods/tooth paste/feed/agrichemicals/fertilizer/neutralizer/etc.
[Surface treated heavy calcium carbonate]
Heavy calcium carbonate treated with various chemicals for special purpose.
[Grain (white marble)]
building stuff/paint/synthetic resin/road white line/artistic handicraft articles/artificial marble/welding stuff/feed/agrichemicals/golf course bunker/neutralizer/etc.

Kanahira mining reserves 8 to 10 billions limestone which was metamorphosed from normal limestone to crystallized limestone(i.e. marble) by heat of magma. This crystallized limestone(marble) is superior than others in whiteness and purity. So fine chemical market need our crystallized limestone(marble) year after year.

What is safety and practical mining system?

Our mining system is called “Room and Pillar Mining”. Handling jumbo drill, large shovel and big dump truck, we proceed mining deliberately. “Room and Pillar Mining” is superior than “Open pit Mining” in avoiding contamination of topsoil and able to operate safely and deliberately. In addition limestone deposit is very tough and strong so that even hit by a strong earthquake the deposit is never destroyed. We have no risk of poison gas. So we never experienced mining accident since we had started this mining.

  • Heavy calcium carbonate
  • Heavy calcium carbonate grain(white marble)

Sanpo Works

1759 Fuse Bitchu-cho Takahashi-city Okayama Japan 716-0302
TEL.0866-45-3160 FAX.0866-45-3179

Our products utilized for various purposes

[Slaked lime]
chemical/soil amelioration/flue gas desulfurization/water and sewer services/building stuff/leather/fertilizer/water purification/neutralizer/etc.
[Quick lime]
ready-mixed concrete/concrete secondary product/public works contractor/neutralizer/etc.
[Environmental control products]
Make the most of slaked lime ability, we developed new products for exhaust gas treatment effectively.

Sanpo deposit reserves 5 billion tons of limestone which located Nariwa riverside and is able big scale underground mining. Background of the huge deposit of limestone, we always adopt new facilities and technology for satisfying market demand.

Kanahira and Sanpo works movie

  • Quick lime
  • Slaked lime
  • Limestone(ballast)
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