Quick lime
Quick lime

Our products used for,

steel・stabilize/soil amelioration・heating・Kraft Pulp・flue gas desulfurization・agrichemicals・neutralizer・etc.

Quick lime

Strictly selected limestone is crushed, classified, and washed. We roast this limestone in the Beckenbach kiln then output homogeneous high quality quick lime. We are manufacturing several size of Quick lime. Diameter is 30milimeters to 1.5micrometers.

F-lime (fine quick lime)

As you know, quick lime react to water and acid things. Resin and rubber manufacturing customer use F-lime for dehydration and desulfurization.

Quick lime


brand particle size constituent elements(%)
CaO MgO SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CO2 P lg-Loss
7-30mm 7~30mm more than 95.00 0.40 0.10 0.05 0.05 1.00 0.01 2.50
-3mm 3mm below


brand particle size surface treating reactivity packaging
top size(μm) mean particle size DP50(μm)
F-lime-1300K 45 3~7 yes quick-acting 18l can with PE bag
aluminum bag with PE bag
PE bag
any packaging available
F-100 150 25~35 no quick-acting

Master batch of quick lime

brand F13LD-1 F13LD-3 F13LD-5 F13PS-2
resin MFR 8 17 16 10
used resin LDPE HIPS
compound MFR 3.5 6.5 10 11
CaO weight concentration (%) 50 50 50 15

How much water is absorbed by 100g MB(g)

16 16 16 4.8
MFR(Melting Flow Rate)[g/10min]
MB: Master Batch
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