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Privacy policy

Calfine Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the “Calfine”) hereby announces that it has adopted the following policy for appropriate protection and use of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”).

Our Commitment.

Calfine will comply with the terms and conditions prescribed in this Privacy Policy as well as the relevant laws, regulations and orders, etc., for attaining the appropriate protection and use of Personal Information, make efforts to ensure that Personal Information will be protected and used appropriately and, in order to fully adapt to the development of information technology in the society at large, strive continuously to improve the system for protection of Personal Information and the practices under such system.

Purposes of Use of Personal Information.

The purpose of use of Personal Information by Calfine is as set forth below.

  • Answer for inquiry.
  • Send information of Calfine to the customer.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties.

Unless the description of the respective types of services provides that Personal Information may be provided to a third party, and excluding the cases enumerated below, Calfine will not provide Personal Information to any third party without first obtaining consent of the individual:
(1)If required by laws, regulations or ordinances;

Security and Control Measures for Personal Information.

Calfine will implement appropriate security and control measures to prevent loss, alteration or divulgence, etc. of Personal Information. In addition, Calfine will provide training to all officers, staff members and employees who access to Personal Information to enhance their awareness of the importance of protection of Personal Information, and appropriately supervise contractors, if Calfine outsources the processing or handling of Personal Information.

Inquiry and Correction of Personal Information.

With respect to Personal Information collected by Calfine, if a individual wants to make an inquiry or request correction or deletion thereof, and if he/she submits his/her request to the specified contact (as specified below), Calfine will respond to such request as expeditiously as reasonably possible, after confirming the identity of the individual.

Contact Information.

Calfine will respond appropriately and promptly to any comments, requests or complaints, etc. with respect to the collection, use, processing or handling of Personal Information. Comments, requests or complaints, etc., with respect to the collection, use, processing, or handling of Personal Information or security and control measures of Personal Information by Calfine should be directed, by e-mail, to the contact of Calfine specified below. Calfine will respond to such comments, request and complaints, etc. after reviewing their content.

Contact for Personal Information Issues

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