Slaked Lime
Slaked Lime

Our products are used for,

chemicals・stabilize・soil amelioration・ flue gas desulfurization・Water and sewage・building materials/stuff・leather・fertilizer・water purification・neutralizer・etc.

Slaked lime

Quick lime is slaked (hydration) by Chicibu-shiki slaker.All our products satisfy Japanese Industrial Standards(JIS).


Cal-Flex adsorb hazardous chlorine gas emission from incinerator.Its reactivity is superior than other normal slaked lime.

Slaked lime=Ca(OH)2

for industrial use

brand constituent elements(%) residue on sieve(%) constituent elements(JIS R9001)(%) residue on sieve(JIS R9001)(%)
CaO Ca(OH)2 MgO CO2 600μm 150μm 75μm 45μm CaO CO2 MgO 600μm 150μm
special grade 73.5 97.0 0.3 0.5below all pass 1.0 below 10.0 below 15.0 below more than72.5 1.5 below all pass 5.0 below
normal grade 73.0 94.0 0.4 - all pass 5.0 below 30.0 below 50.0 below more than70.0 all pass

food additives

test item a standard specification
purity(CaCO3) more than95.0
properties white powder
validation test reacts with chloride and dissolve
HCl insoluble matter 0.50%below
Pb 40μg/g below

alkali metal&Magnesium

6.0% below
Ba 0.030% below
As2O3 4.0μg/g below
Based on Japanese Standard of Food Additives

slaked lime for tap water

test item a standard specification
properties white powder
CaO more than72
Cd and its compounds 0.0003mg/L
Hg and its compounds 0.00005mg/L
Se and its compounds 0.001mg/L
Pb and its compounds 0.001mg/L
As and its compounds 0.001mg/L
chromium and its compounds


particle size 150μm residue 5% below
base on Japan Water Works Association standard


brand alkalinity(%) standard for fertilizer(%)
70.0 slaked lime more than 70.0 guaranteed value 70
80.0 slaked lime more than 80.0 guaranteed value 80

highly reactive calcium hydroxide

Ca(OH)2 BET specific surface area pore volume apparent density
m2/g ml/g g/ml
Cal-FlexN 35 0.15 0.32
Cal-Flex 25 0.11 0.32
our slaked lime special grade 15 0.06 0.32
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